Self Build House

Self Build Project

The Problem

After having trouble finding a home that had everything they wanted, a couple came to us asking if we could help them create their dream home.

They were in the process of selling a house they had lived in for a long time and they wanted to put that money towards a self-build house. They had some ideas about location and the finished house they wanted to create but needed help making their plans a reality, within the budget they had available!

The Solution

The planning stages were key to talk about their goals, budgets and timescales.

Once we understood what they wanted, we created a visual and gave full disclosure on the breakdown of costs so they could see exactly were the budget would be spent. We also discussed different options when it came to the building elements, which meant the client was fully in charge of creating their dream space. Once land had been purchased and planning had been agreed the building commenced. Regular updates were planned into the project and visits to see progress and check they were happy with key features.

What Our Client Said

From meeting these guys early on, I could tell they were different. This was a big project for us to build our own home and we had big ideas! However these guys were honest with us early on about what was possible within our budget and led us through a clear plan of how to turn our ideas into a reality.

When the build started Paul kept us informed with frequent updates and meetings to discuss the next stage and the progress with building control.

They were very open with were budget was being spent and never skimped on material. When we changed out mind about certain elements of the building like the windows, they were so accommodating, always making sure we were happy with each finished element.

After waiting and saving for so long to afford this work we can’t thank the team at Appletree enough for created our new home.

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